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Modern medicine has meant that far more people are living longer, the care of babies and children has improved so much in recent years and thankfully the rate of infant mortality is very low here in the UK. Although, I always think about the countries where this is not the case and a child under 5 in Africa d...
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The new opt out system for organ donation is introduced today, 20th May 2020.   In basic terms, it means that unless you have taken steps to make it clear that you don’t wish to donate organs after you have died, it will be considered that you consent to your organs being donated for the good of ...
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More people than ever are worrying about what would happen to their estates after they have died, the current pandemic has heightened everyone’s awareness and our own mortality is no longer a taboo subject.   Most people understand that making a Will is a good idea, but many people also put it on...
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When my son told me that he and his wife were expecting a baby I was overjoyed, and then I asked him if he had life insurance. My son’s reply was that he didn’t need it because he had death in service at work, so I asked him what would happen if he was no longer working at that place when he died. The ans...
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It is a great privilege and blessing to be able to help families after the loss of a loved one. The legal and financial matters can seem like an unwelcome maze which becomes overwhelming, at a time when families need to remember their cherished mum or dad, son or daughter, brother or sister, husband or wife.<...
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Public Health England and leading faith leaders have suggested that funerals should uphold social distancing guidance by severely limiting those able to attend.   Funeral directors and faith leaders are set to restrict the number of mourners to the deceased’s household.   The guidance ...
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It is still possible to make and sign your Will during these days of social distance restrictions.   For some clients, it is an urgent matter and I have been able to help doctors on the frontline to make Wills, appointing trustees and guardians to protect their children.   For some clien...
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These are difficult and unchartered times and I wish you all well.   I have been asked to prepare Wills as a matter of urgency by people who have been meaning to get round to it and putting it off, and also by our wonderful NHS workers. I have the honour and blessing to be able to help doctors to a...
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Last week I went to London to spend time with my son and his family, two gorgeous little girls, the elder has just started calling me Nana and giving me big hugs and kisses! Delightful and such a blessing to me. I had intended staying for the week, but I came home early once “They” started talking about a...
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