Letters Of Administration

Our Probate and Administration Service

Bereavement is a very difficult time and we are pleased to offer a comprehensive Probate Service tailored to meet your individual situation.


Our solicitors specialising in this area are Naomi Pinder and Gaynor Lanceley and we have decades of experience in helping clients in relation to both planning for the future (making Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney) and administering estates after a person has died. We are used to dealing with estates where there is a Will and also where the person has died without leaving a legally valid Will.


Naomi and Gaynor are fully accredited members of Solicitors for the Elderly which is a professional body of lawyers who specialise in this area of the law and our admin team, Charlotte Worsley and Jennifer Clark, will always be pleased to help.


We will always be pleased to help if you have any queries or concerns during your case.


You can contact us by telephone 0151 428 2472 or e-mail.

Working Together

We are dedicated to providing an efficient and cost-effective service for clients. An issue regarding legal costs is when they are unknown because they are measured in accordance with the time which is reasonably spent in dealing with the matter.


We are accustomed to discussing legal costs with clients so there are no surprises at the end of the case. We approach costs in a matter-of-fact manner and we take care that clients understand how costs will work. The costs and expenses are called testamentary expenses which means that they are paid from the person’s estate. The exception to this rule is if the estate does not have sufficient funds to pay the costs, for example the estate comprises the house or if it is insolvent. In this case the client is required to pay the costs as a matter of straightforward contract law, the position is the same as applies to funeral costs.


It is important to us that the service provides good value for money, and this may involve collaborative working, this means that the family take responsibility for certain things such as dealing with the household bills, clearing the house or contacting the banks. There is no pressure at all for families to do this and it may not be possible for all sorts of reasons, for example the family don’t live locally. We will discuss this with the family.


In relation to costs, if the family take responsibility for certain things, it means that there is less work for us, and this will reduce the costs.


It must be emphasised that each client’s situation is different, and we will take time to talk so that there is understanding and agreement about the service and costs.

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