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The process of drafting a Will is often delayed as long as possible for many people – which is understandable as many of us are focused on living our lives rather than what will happen once we’re no longer here. But the fact remains that the process of drafting your Will, will provide you with an element of control that will be beneficial to your family when you pass away.


As probate lawyers in South Liverpool, we are well versed with the process of both drafting Wills and overseeing the probate process when the time comes, providing you with the peace of mind of knowing that everything has been taken care of. For advice on Wills and probate in Woolton, get in touch with us today so that we can discuss your personal situation.



Our experience also extends to a range of services surrounding the formation of legal trusts; a vehicle for ensuring that your estate is divided and kept safe until required for the parties you have identified as beneficiaries. Whether you require probate trust in Woolton or the formation of living trusts in Woolton, our team of experienced solicitors can assist.


Trusts are a very common way for those residing in the UK to protect their assets for their children or grandchildren, especially if they are still young. For many, it is the best way to ensure that the people left behind are provided for by way of a lump sum of money or ongoing payments as per a defined schedule if preferred. For all matters concerning Wills and trusts in Woolton, call us today to speak to a member of our team.



Our experience as probate solicitors in South Liverpool allows us to provide you with detailed guidance and advice surrounding the matter of both the drafting of Wills as well as acting as your executor when your Will is eventually progressed through probate.


For more information or advice regarding Wills and probate in South Liverpool, get in touch with us today to speak to a member of our Wills and probate team. If you prefer, you can also send us a confidential message by completing the enquiry form on our contact page with your details.



We now offer a comprehensive Will drafting and Probate service at competitive rates.


We are able to offer single person Wills, mirror Wills, Powers of Attorney and Applications for Probate or Letters of Administration.


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I think that most people know that they should make a will, especially if they have young children who may need guardians or if they are older and want to make sure that their hard-earned assets pass to the people they want to benefit. However, most people don’t actually get round to making a will or perhaps write something themselves in the vain hope that their wishes will be followed.


This time of year is a time of new beginnings and it’s a good time to put all those good intentions into place- including contacting your local solicitor to make the appointment to make your will. The whole process should only take a couple of weeks from start to finish and then you’ll have peace of mind which is priceless.


Legacy Liverpool encourages people making a will to think about leaving a gift to charity. Family and dependants come first and this goes without saying but after you’ve taken care of your family, you could make a gift to charity. This gift will benefit people you don’t know and don’t know you. It may a gift to say a thank you for treatment or kindness shown to you during your lifetime or to help children or research into illness. You’ll have your favourite good causes and a will is a good way to make a gift with a real and lasting difference.


Contact me or your own solicitor to take action and make your will, another thing ticked off the list and peace of mind that all your arrangements are in place.


Naomi Pinder
Catherine Higgins Law
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The whole process was dealt with quickly and professionally. Thank you to Naomi. I have no complaints and all grateful for the help given to me. Excellent service.

Mrs G Roberts February 2022

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