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We are continuing to provide our full legal service whilst protecting our staff and the community. Our office hours remain Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. Some of our staff are working remotely, so it may take a little longer for calls to be transferred. To support guidelines on social distancing, please do not visit our office without an appointment. Our letterbox is available at all times. Please check our website/facebook/twitter for any updates.’

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Catherine Higgins

Managing Director

Julian Manchett

Solicitor & Director

Naomi Pinder

Head Of Private Client

Carla Neal

Head Of Conveyancing

Dipanker Choudhury


Hazel Warner

Conveyancing Executive

Matty Kay

Conveyancing & Private Client Assistant

Rachel Higgins

Head Of Accounts

Charlotte Worsley


Karla Manion

PA / Secretary

Joan Daly

Legal Administrator

Marie Foster

Secretarial and Admin Support

Brenda Wai


Jessica Stephens


Free Callback

By providing your details, you are happy to allow contact about your query from a solicitor at Catherine Higgins Law Limited.