The Trust Registration Service (TRS) now requires many types of trusts to be registered with them.

The duty is upon the trustees and there are strict time limits which apply and penalties for non-compliance.

In accordance with our own practice rules, where there is a trust involved: –

We require you to provide proof of registration on the TRS in respect of all trusts which are required to be registered.

The proof of registration document will contain:

  1. The HMRC logo
  2. Trust name and address
  3. Reference – UTR or URN
  4. Date of issue
  5. A statement saying, “This document confirms that the trust named below has been registered on the Trust Registration Service in the United Kingdom. Details of the beneficial owners of the trust is held on the Register are shown below”
  6. Trust details – name, URN or UTR, trust start date and date of the trust was last updated
  7. Information regarding beneficial owners
  8. Classes of beneficiaries will be listed by description.

This may look a little bit daunting but it is the information which appears on the Trust Register.

The registration rules are designed to help to identify money laundering issues.

As solicitors we do not provide a service to assist in the registration, but we can recommend a firm of accountants with who we have worked over many years and who provide a very good service.