There is always a general amazement that another year is drawing towards its conclusion. There is so little daylight and the hours concertina together, it is a time for looking back and trying to look forward to a New Year.


We are honoured to help a lot of people in making plans for the future, involving making Wills and often Lasting Powers of Attorney. These are sensible steps to take, but not everyone finds it an easy process and we are here to help and guide you at every step.


We store a great number of Wills in our safe and we are in the process of reviewing the Wills we hold for clients. We will be contacting our clients in the coming months to check that the Wills still meet requirements, or if they need reviewing and updating.


A problem with making a Will is when it is left undisturbed, and it isnt changed to take into account a change in circumstances such as marriage (usually revokes an existing Will) or divorce. The Will should be checked if there are further children and always in the case of a committed relationship outside marriage or civil partnership.


If you arent one of our family of clients, I hope you consider joining us, we are ready and waiting and look forward to meeting you.