I have the privilege in helping many families after the passing of a loved one, it is always particularly sad where there are young children under 18 who have lost mum or dad.


It is extremely important for there to be a Will in place, without a Will the estate passes under the law of intestacy and this can mean that all or part of the estate passes to the child and the procedure for obtaining the Grant of Letters of Administration (probate) is more complicated.


Unfortunately, there are massive and unpredictable delays in the new system for applying for probate following the centralisation, partial digitalisation and closure of some district probate registries which were a font of knowledge and experience.


The applications where there is no Will and the beneficiary includes a minor child are being delayed with the consequence to the family of not being able to liquidate the assets of the estate.


The answer to this problem is for parents to make Wills, they dont need to be anything complicated but need to include the executors, trustees and legacies. This should not be delayed and Wills are normally completed within two weeks of instructing us.


Stay safe, Naomi