There is a scene in the film Notting Hill when Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts seek access to a hidden communal garden secreted away in the middle of London mansions.  I thought it was all so romantic, so I was intrigued to be instructed in relation to another hidden shared garden, this time in South Liverpool.  I have lived here for 28 years and have passed the location on countless occasions, yet I never knew the garden was there.  It is in the middle of66 houses built in the 1930s and was reserved by the original owner for the enjoyment of the householders of the surrounding houses.


Most of my work covers Wills and Probate; Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection so it’s refreshing to be able to use my other legal skills and experience to help in a situation covering Trust Law and property matters. It’s amazing how fascinating the law actually is to me and I became quite engrossed spending a Sunday morning reading the Trust Deed and other legal documents, in order to work out what everything means and to plan a course of action.


The matter is complicated and will take time to resolve. I think that it is crucial to spend time at the beginning to understand fully the issues and the steps that need to be taken and in which order, the foundation of my work must be sound.  I still enjoy getting a mass of information and untangling it to create coherent threads, to provide clarity and then I can explain everything properly to my client which is my favourite part of the whole process.


Thanks, Naomi