Last week I went to London to spend time with my son and his family, two gorgeous little girls, the elder has just started calling me Nana and giving me big hugs and kisses! Delightful and such a blessing to me. I had intended staying for the week, but I came home early once “They” started talking about a lock-down of the capital. 


So, like many of us, my week has been very different to what I had planned and I’ve been very busy making sure that all the Wills and LPAs can be signed without any delay and at a time when I can work and the country hasn’t been self-isolated.


Yesterday, I barely drew breath and was working well into the evening seeing clients at home to make sure everything was signed, this morning I’m off to Ormskirk and more home visits are planned so that I can do everything I possibly can to help our clients and put their minds at rest.


This is worrying time for many and just let me know how I can help.