Not every legal matter requires the assistance of a solicitor, there are times when you can deal with legal problems by yourself. Going to a small claims court or paying a traffic ticket are two such examples.
However, there are numerous circumstances where you’ll benefit greatly from the help of a professional law firm who offer several different types of legal services. Quality legal representation can get you out of many sticky situations that could have gone sour without a lawyer.

Making a Will & Probate

To save your family from any hassle or disputes when you pass away, you should make a will which contains your last requests and information on how to divide up your assets.
It is advisable to make a will the moment you have your first child, this way if anything happens to you when they are young, they’ll be financially secure until they are at a stage where they can fend for themselves.
If you wish to have your finances in order before you go, you should contact our team for peace of mind. We specialise in offering a wide variety of services which include Power of Attorney, will drafting, mirror wills, and probate.


Buying a new property is usually the single biggest investment you’ll ever make, so why not get it done right with a solicitor who specialises in conveyancing.
A lot of property deals can face problems such as:

· Legal Disputes
· Family Wills
· Contracts
· Financial Issues
It is vitally important to have knowledgeable solicitors guiding you through the process, ensuring none of the above get in the way of your sale or purchase.
Most of our clients who contact us for conveyancing purposes do so to avoid any issues during their transaction. We offer step by step support for clients who are involved in a wide variety of property transactions, including transference, buying and selling, and mortgage applications.

Asbestos Related Illness

If you or your loved one has been recently diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness, you may be eligible for compensation.
If you wish to pursue a civil claim against your previous employers because they failed to provide a safe workplace environment, you can contact a legal firm and discuss your options.
Our lawyers are experts in asbestos-related diseases, we’ve represented numerous clients in relation to problems caused by exposure to harmful chemicals.

Car Accident

If you’ve been injured because of a car accident, you should contact a lawyer and have them investigate the situation. Accident lawyers have seen it all before and they know how to handle complex accident cases.
If fault hasn’t been clearly established, it is better to have legal representation to defend your corner. Fault determines who is responsible for the accident and who pays compensation in the courts.
Our lawyers can negotiate with tricky insurance companies on your behalf, we’ll also offer advice on what to expect and when to settle on a fair offer.
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