Nobody expects an accident to happen, especially not when they’re at work when they expect to be safe, but accidents happen in the workplace every day. Luckily, they are often not too serious, and mean you can get back to work and normal life quickly, but occasionally they can lead to serious injuries that can completely change your life. Whatever kind of injury you’ve sustained, it’s important to speak to solicitors when you’ve had an accident at work to find out what to do next. Here is why legal advice is so important after a workplace accident.

1. You may be able to claim compensation

An accident at work doesn’t automatically mean you will get a compensation pay out, but in cases where your employer is found at fault, it can be worth pursuing a claim. Many people need compensation after an accident, because:

· They incur extra expenses when injured
· Sickness pay is often low, meaning bills can stack up
· Your accident can often affect your loved ones as well as yourself
· You may need specialist medical care that’s not covered by the NHS

Compensation varies in amount, based on the severity and circumstance of the injury, but it’s often a big relief when a claim is accepted, as it means people can pay back medical debts and get back on their feet financially.

2. It can help change policies at work

If your accident is due to something easily avoidable, such as lack of staff training or incorrect PPE, then you’ll no doubt feel a sense of anger. You’ll want to know that your employers are going to change their ways, and that preventative measures will be in place. Using legal services is often a good way to motivate companies to change their ways and put pressure on them to improve health and safety, helping to prevent further accidents.

3. It can help you negotiate the return to work

Many people look forward to returning to work after an illness or injury, but it can sometimes be difficult to deal with your employers and negotiate a return. By speaking to lawyers who specialise in issues such as workplace accidents, you can find out what your rights are, and are in a better place to negotiate reduced hours or a less physically demanding role to get you back on the job.

4. It can close a difficult chapter in your life

A serious accident can really affect you psychologically, as well as those around you, and even once you’ve healed you may still be looking for closure. Whether you’ve moved on from your old job and found a new role, or are facing long-term sickness, compensation not only helps you financially, but gives you a sense of justice, so you can start rebuilding your life.
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