It is still possible to make and sign your Will during these days of social distance restrictions.


For some clients, it is an urgent matter and I have been able to help doctors on the frontline to make Wills, appointing trustees and guardians to protect their children.


For some clients, they are getting around to making their Wills, sometimes after years of putting it off. Suddenly, it becomes urgent and once the Wills are signed, they are given peace of mind that should the worse happen, they have protected those they love and care about.


Others may simply have time to think about what they wish to happen after they have died, perhaps thinking about leaving to their good causes or particular sentimental items to loved ones.


Yesterday, I was out seeing clients to sign Wills through windows and at the required social distance. I was driving on a country lane in Lancashire, I had to stop the car to let a pheasant cross the road! It was so lovely, and I could feel the tightness of my face melt into a smile.


Take care everyone, Naomi