Your employer is obliged to provide you with a safe working environment and do their utmost to protect all their staff from suffering any harm while in the workplace. They should be transparent and tell their employees about health and safety issues which may affect their wellbeing.
If you’ve suffered a work-related accident and you believe your employer is at fault, you should contact skilled lawyers to discuss your case and your options.

Work Related Accidents

If anyone has suffered a work-related accident or incident while on the job, their employer must report it to the local health and safety department. This ensures that there is a record of the incident if anyone needs more information in the future.
Here are some incidents that must be reported by your employer:

· Serious accidents which result in loss of life or severe injuries.
· Dangerous incidents such as a structure collapsing or a harmful gas leak.
· Disease or any other problem that stops a staff member working for more than 3 days.
If you’ve been involved in a workplace accident, make sure it is recorded by your employer because it will be requested by one of our solicitors when we assess your case.

Health & Safety at Work

Your employer is required under law to provide you and your colleagues with a safe working environment. They must adhere to certain regulations that are designed to protect workers and visitors when they enter a commercial premise.
Here are a few of their main duties as an employer:

· They must assess the risks around them and do what is necessary to act upon them, making their property safe.
· They must appoint a competent health and safety officer.
· Employees should have training and information on occupational safety.
· They must provide a written document detailing their health and safety policy.
If you’ve been a victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault, you should seek compensation to pay for medical bills and other problems which have arisen from the incident.
Here at Catherine Higgins Law, we understand the complexities of following up on a personal injury claim, that’s why we offer a professional service to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Making a Workplace Injury Claim

If you’ve been injured at work and you feel your employee should be held accountable, you should contact a company who provides expert legal services.
You’ll need legal representation when making a personal injury claim, so it is best to choose a competent lawyer with experience in work-related cases.
You must remember that any incident which happened at work must be followed up within 3 years, if you fail to make a claim within this period, you’ll find it extremely difficult to make a claim.
If you aren’t sure about what steps to take towards making a claim, our professional team of lawyers will guide you along the way. It is important to contact our firm immediately to make your claim as early as possible.
If you’d like to know more about making an accident at work claim or an asbestos related illness, why not consult with our knowledgeable solicitors on 0151 428 2472.