It has been reported that flytippers recently dumped rubbish containing asbestos on a back street behind Laurel Street in Tottington, and Bury Council responded by sending letters to the neighbouring property owners advising that if they did not arrange forit to be removed they could be charged up to £2,000 to have it taken away.
Bury Council say that the back street is unadopted and residents have a legal responsibility for its upkeep and maintenance. The rubbish was left in the back street for two weeks before neighbours contributed £5 each to pay for a skip to have the rubbish removed. However, locals are outraged that the Council refused to dispose of the rubbish that posed a health hazard to themselves and their children who are known to play in the street, and use the street when walking to and from school.
Locals pay their Council tax expecting the Council to provide a full refuse service, and whilst it may be accepted that the Council does not have a legal responsibility to maintain unadopted streets, they must have some responsibility to protect the public against exposure to asbestos dust and other health hazards.