On 20 May 2014, 23 year old Jack Conn from Rochester in Kent, was prosecuted and fined at Canterbury Magistrates’ Court, following an incident at a school where asbestos was being removed.
The work was being carried out in May 2013 at Canterbury Academy, where a licensed company was removing asbestos from the boiler house. An inspection by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) confirmed that the company had put all the correct safety preparations in place prior to starting work, including sealing off the site and putting up warning signs.
Mr Conn, who was employed by the company at the time as a supervisor, was working in the basement in the sealed area. Although protective clothing and breathing apparatus had been provided for him, Mr Conn was seen on CCTV by the HSE inspector without his protective hood and breathing apparatus and consequently being exposed to potentially dangerous asbestos.
Mr Conn later admitted that he was aware of the risks of breathing in asbestos dust and that it was his duty to wear the safety equipment that had been provided for him. He also confirmed that he was trained as a supervisor to other employees.
Mr Conn admitted a breach of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and was fined £1,000 plus costs.
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